8th Street Candles & Crafts - Hand Poured 100% Soy Candles, Unique Car Fresheners & Crafts
Fragrance List Candles &
*All Hallows Eve
*Almond Cherry
*Ameretto (NEW)
*Angel Wings (New)
*A Northwoods Christmas
Apple Cinnamon
*Apple Struddle
*Artic Air
Autumn Sage
*Baby Powder
*Banana Nut Bread
*Birthday Cake
*Black Cherry
Blueberry Muffin
*Blueberry Patch
*Blue Sugar
*Butter Cream
*Butterfly Kisses (NEW)
*Butter Rum Crunch
*Butterscotch Brittle
*Butt Naked
*Cabernet (New)
*Campfire Smoke
*Campfire S'mores
*Candy Cane
*Candy Corn
*Caramel Apple
*Caramel Corn
*Caramel Cream
*Caramel Nut Cluster
*Caramel Walnut
*Carrot Cake
*Cedar wood
*Cedar Saffron
*Cherry Lemonade
*Cherry Vanilla 1
*Cherry Vanilla 2
*Chestnut & Brown Sugar
Chocolate Kisses
*Christmas Eve
*Christmas Past
Christmas/Country Spice
Christmas Splendor
Cinnamon Sticks
Cinnamon Vanilla
*Citrus & Sage
*Clothesline Fresh
*Cloves (NEW)
*Coconut Grove
*Cool Cucumber Melon
*Cool water 1
*Cool water 2
*Cotton Blossom
*Cotton Candy 1 Blue
*Cotton Candy 2 Pink
Country Sunshine
Cozy Home (New)
*Creme Brulee
*Creamy Orange Creamsickle
Dloce Gabba
*English Ivy (NEW)na Light Blue
*Dragons Blood
*Drakkar *Dutch Apple Crunch
*Dream Angels Heavenly (New)
*Dutch Apple Pie
Eggnog (NEW)
*English Ivy (NEW)
*Eucalyptus Mist
*Extreme Vanilla
Fireside Musk
*French Vanilla
*Frankincense & Myrrh
*French Roast Coffee
*Fresh Brewed Coffee
*Fresh Cut Grass 1
*Fresh Cut Grass 2
*Fresh Cut Roses
*Fresh Macintosh apple
*Fresh Rain
*Fresh Squeezed Oranges
*Frosted Carrot Cake
*Gain (New)
*Gardenia Blossom
*German Chocolate Cake
*Gourmet Sugar Cookie
Grandmas Kitchen
Grated Nutmeg
*Green Apple
*Green Bamboo
Harvest Spice
*Hazelnut Cream
*Heavenly Plumeria
*High Cotton
Hillbilly Homebrew
*Home For The Holidays
*Honey Coconut Mango
*(S) Honeydew Melon
                             (3) Candles Only
                          *(S) Soap Safe only
                            *Body Safe
*Honeysuckle Vine
Hot Apple Pie
*Island Flower
*Japanese Cherry Blossom
*Jasmine 1
Jasmine 2
*Jasmine Vanilla 1
Jasmine Vanilla 2
*Juicy Watermelon
*Juniper Breeze
*Just Peachy
*Kenneth Cole Black
*Lavender Fields
*Lavender Vanilla
*Lemon Drop
*Lemon Grass
*Lemon Pucker
*Lemon Verbena
*Lick Me All Over
*Lilac Breeze
*Lily Of The Valley
*Log Cabin
*Love Spell
*Macadamia Nut
*Magnolia Blossom
*Mango Papaya
*(S)Maple Pecan
*Mid Summers Night
*Monkey Farts
*Morning Dew
*Mountain Lake1
*Mountain Lake 2
*Mulberry Wine
Mulled Cider
*Nag Champa
*Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Odor eliminator
*Oh Christmas Tree
Orange Clove
*Orange Creamsickle
Pear Berry
*Pear Glace
*Pecan Pie
*Pina Colada
*Pineapple Blossom
*Pineapple Cilantro
*Pineapple Paradise
*Pink Lemonade
*Pink Sugar
*Pink Sands
*Plum Crazy
*Pomegranate Citrus
*Pumpkin Spice
*Raspberry Lemonade
*Rose Jasmine 1
*Rose Jasmine 2
*Sandalwood Vanilla
*Sea Side
*Sex On The Beach
(3)Smell My Nuts "One" (3 Layers)
(3)Smell My Nuts "Two" (3 Layers)
Smoke & Odor Eliminator
*Southern Magnolia
Spiced Cranberry
Spiced Pears (NEW)
*Storm Watch (New)
*Strawberry Jam
*Strawberry Moouse
*Sugar Plum (NEW)
*Summer Citrus
*Sun Ripe Raspberries
*Sweet Pea & Me
*(S)Tequila Rose
*Tidal Wave (NEW)
*Toasted Marshmallow
(3)Touch My Melons (3 Layers)
*Tropical Paradise
*Twigs & Berries
*Vanilla Bean Supreme
*Vanilla Extract
*Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha
Vanilla Velvet
*Vermont Maple Sugar
*Vermont Maple Syrup
*Very Sexy For Her
*Very Vanilla
Victorian Christmas
*Warm Baked Bread
Warm Cinnamon Buns
*Warm Vanills Oak )
*Warm Vanilla Sugar
*Water Blossom & Ivy
*White Pine
*White Tea & Ginger
*White Zinfindel
*Winter Candy Apple
*Ylang Ylang
*Ylang Ylang Ginger

                              (3) Candles Only
                             *(S) Soap Safe only
                               *Body Safe
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